1.     THANK YOU --- This tournament is sponsored by the Greene County Church Dartball League.  We wish to thank all teams for their participation and support.


2.     SMOKING --- Smoking is not permitted inside the building.


3.     ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES --- Alcoholic beverages are forbidden anywhere on the property.


4.     FOUL LANGUAGE --- Please remind all your players and supporters to refrain from using foul language.


5.     PRACTICE --- Before the first game of the Round Robin and Double Elimination, players may throw five darts.  Only after a bye in double elimination!


6.     FOUL LINE --- No part of a thrower's foot may be over the foul line.  If this occurs, the thrower will be given a warning.  On the next occurrence during the same game, the thrower may be called out.  Women and children under 13 may throw from the 15' foul line.


7.     TAUNTING --- Teams and their supporters should refrain from taunting a thrower behind the foul line.  This also applies to the opposing team's scorekeeper and board umpire.


8.     DOUBLE PLAY --- In the case of a double play, the thrower and the runner nearest home are out.  All other runners advance one base.  Even when no runner is on, the thrower is still out.


9.     SACRIFICE --- In the case of a successful sacrifice, the thrower is out, and all runners advance one base.  The thrower is always out when he/she hits the sacrifice.


10.      BOARD MISSES AND DEAD DARTS --- If a dart glances off any of the four sides of the board, the thrower shall be called out.  If a dart bounces off a wire on the board's surface, or if a dart fails to stick on the board's surface, it shall be ruled a "dead dart" and the thrower shall throw again.


11.      REPORTING SCORES --- At the end of each game, each team's scorekeeper must enter game results on a special tracking sheet provided by the tournament committee.  This shall include the game winner, loser, and the final scores for both teams.  This information is critical for final seating of teams in the double elimination tournament.


12.      BATTING AVERAGES --- All scorekeepers should keep track of their players' batting averages.  This will be the basis for selection of the "All Tournament Team" and the "MVP".


13.      HOW TO SCORE WALKS, ERRORS, AND SACRIFICES --- For the purpose of determining an "All Tournament Team" and an "MVP", a walk or an error shall be scored as a hit, and a successful sacrifice shall not count as a "time at bat".


14.      LENGTH OF GAMES --- The amount of innings per game shall be announced prior to beginning the tournament.  This shall be based on the number of teams that are participating.


15.      OTHER --- If other problems or questions come up during a game or between games, please bring them to the attention of the tournament committee.  Please remember that the main objectives of this tournament are to promote fellowship and good sportsmanship!  Have a great day!



1.     Report to the registration table with appropriate entry fee.


2.     At the conclusion of each game, record results on master score sheet:

          W = Win, L = Loss, T = Tie; Enter runs scored under the code.


3.     At the conclusion of the round robin, teams will be ranked by win/loss/tie record within the group.

Win = 3 points, Tie = 2 points, Loss = 1 point.  This will determine division play in the double elimination.


4.     Tiebreaker criteria by priority is as follows:

a)     Total runs scored

b)    Record against each other

c)     Coin flip


5.     If a dart sticks in a wire or in another dart, it is a dead dart.


6.     Please keep track of all batting averages for players on your team.  The batting average is determined by dividing the total hits by the total times at bat (three decimal places).  From past history, at least a .500 batting average will be needed to earn a spot on the "All Tournament Team".


7.     The Double Elimination rounds will begin after the awards for the "All Tournament Team" and "MVP" have been received.  We hope to give awards to the top 6 men and top 3 ladies.


8.     Please mark your calendar for our next tournaments:


          WHEN:      SAT, March 7, 2020 at 9:30 am (start at 10 am)

          SAT, March 6, 2021 at 9:30 am (start at 10 am)

          SAT, March 5, 2022 at 9:30 am (start at 10 am)


          WHERE:   Waynesburg First Assembly Of God